Monday, December 21, 2015

Episode 082: Physics Review Brushup Vol. 03

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In this episode, we're pushing towards final time, and also towards episode 100, so we're taking stock of where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. For midterms and finals, it's so important to make sure the basics are under control, so here we roll through a little 3 question quiz for the following topics: Linear Equations, Calculus, Kinematix, Force. If you don't have the questions asked in this episode locked down please, please do yourself a favor and grab the apps or the bundle. This stuff is so important to know absolutely cold for your big exam!

Lines & Linear Equations:
Many physical systems follow linear and parabolic relationships
What properly of a linear system controls the steepness of the line??
What is the highest order in a parabolic equation??

If you’re in physics, prly also in math or calculus
What is the derivative of x^2??
What is the derivative of sine??
What is the integral of x^3??

Kinematics Which quantity is represented by v0??
Which quantity is represented by xf??
Which quantity is represented by t??

Which law gives the popular equation F = ma??
What is the name of the force which always points perpendicular to the surface on which an object rests??
How do you line up a force with a coordinate axis??